Welcome, Modern Myrrhbearers

Modern Christians can be inspired and humbled by the timelessness of St. Joanna’s Christian witness. She was one of the women who, upon being healed of an unnamed illness or infirmity by Jesus, provided for Christ and his other disciples “out of her means”, to quote St. Luke. She was privileged to be at the foot of the Cross at the Crucifixion, and as one of the disciples who went to the tomb to anoint Christ’s body on Easter morning (referred to by many Christian denominations as “myrrhbearers”) she was among the first to bear witness to the Resurrection and to announce the Good News as an apostle to the Apostles. Yet her name is virtually unknown down through the Christian ages, and even among astute modern Christians it is difficult to find anyone who remembers the two references to her in the New Testament. Those of us who live life as best we can, yet cannot hope to be remembered even to the limited extent that St. Joanna is remembered today, can find in her a great example of humility and heroism. This site aims to demonstrate how and why.

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