Many beautiful works of art explore the burdens and joys of the myrrhbearers, evoking for the viewer so many of the strong emotions which the myrrhbearers must have experienced. From traditional, ancient icons to powerful modern works, the myrrhbearers’ stories have been told visually with much insight and clarity. These works offer tremendous opportunities for enhanced meditation and prayer. An artist’s decision to adopt his or her own point of view, coloration, and style of imagery can breathe new life into biblical vignettes which you may have overlooked, ignored, or simply have taken for granted.

This site will feature a gallery of relevant artistic works to the extent copyright laws can be respected.  If you see an image of a work of art in anywhere on this site other than the artist/creator’s page, click on the image and it will open a new tab with information about the image and the artist who created it.   A list of artists included on the site will also appear below.

Do your soul a favor – explore and enjoy these works of art.

Images of St. Joanna and other Myrrhbearers

Images of St. Joanna are relatively scarce. Most are wrought in Byzantine iconographic style. This page will be updated from time to time with a sampling from around the web. In the meantime, see the beautiful images created by Janet McKenzie and Sviatoslav Vladyka.

Web Resources on Christian Visual Arts

Art and Theology.  A well written, inspiring and informative blog.

VCS Visual Commentary on Scripture,is a freely accessible online publication that provides theological commentary on the Bible in dialogue with works of art. It helps its users to (re)discover the Bible in new ways through the illuminating interaction of artworks, scriptural texts, and commissioned commentaries…The VCS combines three academic disciplines: theology, art history, and biblical scholarship. While the project’s main commitment is to theology, it is responsibly informed by the latter two disciplines.” It’s also an incredibly inspiring resource.


The Breath and the Clay and Makers & Mystics   This quote illustrates the heft and heart of these related sites:

“We are created to create. It’s our nature to make, to beautify and to embellish the world around us with works of art, creative designs and innovations… It’s crucial to remember that the art you make begins on the canvas of your heart, as a seed germinating in your interior world, and then grows outward as an extension of who you are. What you believe impacts what you create, so it’s essential that you tend to the well-being of your inner life. It is my prayer that you would overcome every obstacle that rises against your creative nature and live to the fullness of who God designed you to be.”  Stephen Roach

Christians in the Visual Arts.

For a selection of links to web commentary on icons and other visual art depicting the Myrrhbearers, click here.

Artists Whose Work appears on Modern Myrrhbearers

Each name below hyperlinks to a page dedicated to the named artist

Bell, Robert Anning

McKenzie, Janet

Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich

Schmitt, Carl

Vladyka, Sviatoslav

Vrubel, Mikhail Alexandrovich

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