The Blogger

I’m American.  Gratefully patriotic. Cradle Orthodox Christian. My loving parents named me, their firstborn, Joanne Marie.

I live in a pleasant suburban New England town with my husband (who, after decades together, I continue to adore).  We’ve raised three treasured cgrand-central-station1-1526206-1280x960hildren to adulthood.

I’ve enjoyed my career, ever grateful that I could earn a living by thinking hard, but I’m also thankful that my profession never owned me.

I find myself pondering with increasing frequency what my life’s work has been, and been worth. And having, now, quite a few things to say about that.

I’m an anonymous citizen of the modern world.  And thanks to the example set by St. Joanna and the un-named myrrhbearers, I’m becoming OK with that.

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