Art: Carl Schmitt

American, 1889-1989

“Carl Schmitt (1889–1989) was an American painter who developed in his long career a unique aesthetic vision that assimilated traditional European approaches to art along with the modern movements. Through this integration he arrived at his own profound approach to painting which informed more than just his work. Schmitt was a man of principles and understanding whose works are as singular and profound as the man who created them.” Home page, the Carl Schmitt Foundation. 

I believe that the soul is the one important, central, permanent part of man. I believe that it is form, objective, and a reality. I believe that there is no living form in nature (what an artist goes out to with his sketching trips) except the living form which man’s living soul gives to it. I believe that soul is one with the body, and consequently one with the emotion and the intellect, but also more important than any of these.” 1922

Carl Schmitt’s integration of faith, philosophy, family and art is an enduring example of a life’s path toward celebration of God’s gifts through daily living in the highest sense of a modern myrrh bearer. His profound thoughts on faith throughout his lifetime are well worth reading. Excerpts appear online and a more fulsome offering can be found in A Vision of Beauty and The Conscience of Beauty.

Schmitt Carl Immanent Trintiy Decoration 1924 csf12211
Immanent Trinity Decoration, 1924. The Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues, Wernersville, Pennsylvania

Via Crucis
c. 1936


IMG_2135 (1).jpg


Way of the Cross
Etching 1923


circa 1925

Madonna with Black Head-dress (Dalmation Mother)


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