Art: Mikhail A. Vrubel

Russian, 1856-1910

Vrubel self portrait mikhail-vrubel.jpg!Portrait
Self Portrait

Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel’s depictions of the Resurrection appear to have been painted only decades ago – certainly not more than a century ago?  His still-fresh compositions invite true contemplation.

On the other hand, his images of demons – although again, appearing quite contemporary – even now, over a century later, are so vivid that even a jaded modern viewer cannot help but be simultaneously drawn in, yet somewhat repulsed.

Similarly, his Seraphim, while suitably wondrous, is nevertheless somewhat foreboding, reminding us of our mortality.

Fallen Demon Mikhail Vrubel - 1902
Fallen Demon
Demon Mikhail Vrubel - 1890 (full body)

Mikhail Vrubel Six Winged Seraphim

the-six-winged-seraph 1905 vrubel
The Six Winged Seraph
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