Art: Sviatoslav Vladyka

Ars longa, vita brevis                                           [Art is long, life is short]

Sviatoslav Vladyka is an contemporary iconographer based in Lviv, Ukraine. His professional life clearly exhibits all of the hallmarks of a Modern Myrrhbearer, as with evident faith and devotion he respectfully builds on tradition while creating exciting and deeply moving icons and works of modern religious art, giving his gifts back to God. As the founder of The Association of Sacred Art, he works internationally with artists, priests, scientists and laymen to preserve and develop Ukrainian iconography, always with great respect for the theological as well as the artistic aspects of iconography. He believes that the study of the traditional-canonical basis of icon painting is becoming a prerequisite for the creation of modern high-specter designs in this artistic sphere.Sviatosla Vladyka photo from FB page.jpg

He studied at the Kosiv College of Applied and Decorative Arts, The Lviv National Academy of Arts and Prycarpation University.  In 2004 he opened an iconography studio at Ushgorod Theological Academy, and in 2010 he founded an additional iconographic center at the Church of Rizdva Presvjatiji Bogorodyci.

For a glimpse of an iconographer at work, including installations in some beautiful modern churches, sample a few of the videos on his Youtube channel.  Don’t miss the video that shows behind-the-scenes construction of a mosaic icon.

Sviatoslav Vldyka St Joanna IMG_1791
St. Joanna

Sviatoslav Vladkyka Why do you Doubt?
Why Do You Doubt?

Sviatoslav Vladyka Camouflage Christ B download
Camoflauge Christ

Sviatoslav Vladyka Savior

Sviatoslav Vladyka [Warrior Christ]



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